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Please, contact us if you are unsure about your level.

Available Courses: 5

A1.1 - Complete Beginners

General courses with Edito A1
(Units 0 to 4)

Available Courses: 4

A1.2 - Beginners

General Courses with Edito A1
(Units 5 to 8)

Available Courses: 6

A2 - Elementary

General Courses with Edito A1 (units 9 to 12)
and Edito A2 (units 1 to 8)

Available Courses: 12

B1 - Intermediate

General courses with  Edito A2   (units 9 to 12)
and either EDITO B1
or  Le Nouvel Edito B1

Available Courses: 15

B2/C1 - Advanced

General courses with Édito B2

General courses Français Authentique for advanced students

Other special courses and workshops for advanced students