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18 months - 3 y/o: Quokkas


Term classes

This course, open to toddlers (from 18 months) with one of their parents or guardian, aims at stimulating the children’s natural ability for languages through playing, singing, dancing and reading stories.

The class will focus on facilitating the interaction between the children and their parents, whether they are French natives or new to French.

Please note: class limited to 4 children + their parent(s) - book now to secure your spot!

3-4 year olds: Swans


Term classes

It is not a French course, but a discovery of the French language through stimulating activities including crafts, songs, games, sensory experiences and more.

Our fully qualified and experienced teacher uses the spiral learning approach to keep the children stimulated while allowing them to memorise vocabulary and expressions in the long run.

5-7 years old: Les Francos


Term classes

Les Francos is the first level in Alliance Française 5 - 7 years old children French program.

In this course, students will :

  • cover numbers up to 20, body, food and clothes 
  • talk about their family and where they live
  • describe surrounding objects : colour, object
  • talk about emotions 
  • talk about they like to do

Pace: 1 x 1.5h/week over 10 weeks
8-11 years old: Les Grands Francos

Grands Francos

Term classes

This course is the second year in the Francos progression: a fun and interactive program specifically designed for children between 8 and 11.

In this course, students will:

  • Cover numbers up to 100, time
  • Talk about school and sports
  • Describe their timetable and daily activities
  • Talk about shopping and places in town
  • Talk about their holidays
FLAM (5-15 ans)


Term classes

Un test de placement est obligatoire avant toute inscription. Les cours permettent aux enfants de suivre le cursus Francais dans le but de le réintégrer par la suite. Les cours de CNED sont obligatoires pour les enfants collégiens, et fortement conseillés pour les élèves de primaire (CM1 &CM2).

Pace: 1 x 1.5h/week over 10 weeks

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Code: 2022 T1 Swans - Fri 10.30am - NEDLANDS
10 Week course - A minimum of students is required to open our classes.

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