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The Alliance Française de Perth and Luna Palace Cinemas are pleased to announce 4 movies to be presented as special school screenings during the 2017 Alliance Française French Film Festival.

Teaching kits will be available to download soon to help you work on the movies with your students.

Dowload the programme and booking form HERE  (2.2 MB)
Click HERE to access the teaching kits (opens a dropbox folder).

ADAMA (recommended for Y6 to Y9)

Adama PosterADAMA(Adama)

Director: Simon Rouby
Country: France
Voiced by: Pascal Nzonzi, OxmoPuccino
Duration: 82 mins
Date of Release: 2015
Rating : PG (violence)
Recommended For: Grade 6 to Year 9
Genre: Animation / Drama


School Program Options:

WED 22 MARCH |12.30PM


This simply superb, splendidly original coming-of-age adventure tale premiered at France’s prestigious Annecy Animation Film Festival, and the fervent international accolades have not ceasedsince.

The epic tale of young courage follows 12-year-old Adama whose older brother disappears from the cliff-enclosed paradise of a remote West African village.

Defying the village elders, a brave, young Adama sets off across the seas on a determined quest to find him. His odyssey leads him into the cold, dark North, where Adama will have to summon all his inner courage as he is thrust onto the front line of World War I’s horrific Battle of Verdun.

Inspired by the true stories of West Africans who were conscripted by France to fight in World War I, director Simon Rouby’s debut film features impressive and distinctive animation techniques combine sculpture, 2D and 3D to express an enormous spectrum of place and emotion. Adama conjures a magical realist atmosphere by weaving mystical elements into an enthralling story that has both nuance and depth, making this an unforgettable journey which will be adored by adults as much as by children.

A BAG OF MARBLES (recommended for Year 10 to Year 12)

A BAG OF MARBLES (Un sac de billes)

Director: Christian Duguay
Country: France
Cast: Patrick Bruel, Dorian Le Cletch, BatysteFleurial, Elsa Zylberstein
Duration: 112 mins
Date of Release: 18/01/2017
Rating: M
Recommended For Year 10 to Year 12
Genre: Drama - Historic

School Program Options:



Based on the famous and acclaimed memoirs of Joseph Joffo, A Bag of Marbles brings a new version of his incredible story to the screen as it follows the experiences of two young Jewish boys living in France during World War II.

When Joseph Joffo was ten years old, his father (played here by beloved French actor Patrick Bruel, Love At First Child, AFFFF 2016; The Yellow Eyes Of The Crocodiles, AFFFF 2015) gave him and his brother Maurice some money and a map and sent them on a dangerous mission to escape Nazi-occupied Paris in 1941. Making their way to the de-militiarised zone in the South, the boys are unavoidably caught in the whirlwind of war. Aided by the occasional kind soul, the two young boys swerve and dart through obstacles set by Nazi soldiers to avoid succumbing to the dreadful fate of so many others like them.

Christian Duguay is a filmmaker well versed on WWII issues, and his skilled direction combined with immaculate period detail, and stunning scenery of the French countryside make this is an essential and moving  story told from a unique perspective.


TALES OF THE NIGHT (recommended for preprimary to Year 6)

TALES OF THE NIGHT (Les contes de la nuit)

Director: Michel Ocelot
Country: France
Cast: Julien Béramis, Marine Griset, Michel Elias
Duration: 84 mins
Date of Release: 2011

Recommended For: G – Prep to Grade 6
Genre: Animation / Fantasy

School Program Options:


Every night, a girl, a boy and an elderly technician meet in a little cinema that seems abandoned, but is in fact full of wonders.

The three friends research, draw, invent, dress up and act out the stories that take their fancy in a magical night where anything is possible – sorcerers and fairies, powerful kings and stable boys, werewolves and merciless ladies, cathedrals and straw huts, cities of gold and deep forests, the waves of harmony of choirs immense and the spells of a single tom-tom, malice that ravages and innocence that triumphs…

MONSIEUR CHOCOLAT (recommended for Year 11 and Year 12)

MONSIEUR CHOCOLAT (monsieur Chocolat)

Director: RoschdyZem
Country: France
With: Omar Sy, James Thiérrée, NoémieLvovsky, Frédéric Pierrot
Duration: 110mins
Date of Release: 2015
rating: M

Recommended For:  Y11-Y12
Genre: Drama

School Program Options:


This lively and unmissable box-office hit details the fascinating rise-and-fall story of the first popular black artist of the French stage. Lavishly set in stunning belle époque Paris, it is beautifully realised through the energised performances of the charismatic Omar Sy (The Intouchables, 2011) and cir-cus-stage star (and grandson of Charlie Chaplain), James Thiérrée.

It is the late 1800s and former Afro-Cuban slave Chocolat (Sy), is making a living in a provincial French circus performing the role of a tooth-baring cannibal named Kalanka — much to the fright, but eventual delight of country bumpkins who have never seen a black man before. It is here that he impresses established performer George Footit (Thierree) who takes him under his wing. To-gether, they develop a routine which catapults them to stardom, glamour and riches in Paris’ Nou-veau Cirque. However, the satisfaction of success can only last so long as Chocolat’s desire for equality begins to take hold…

As entertaining as it is timely, Chocolat blends sharp and impressive physical comedy with lots of compassion, gloriously restoring the great legacy of this trailblazing artist.




The cost is $11 per student with a complimentary ticket for one accompanying teacher for every 20 students per group.


Please fill in the attached Booking Form/Tax Invoice and return it with the subject line AF FFF School Screenings attn: Lucy Gibson by e-mail at:
We will confirm bookings promptly upon receipt and send you an invoice accordingly (see payment section below).

Please note that bookings will not be taken over the phone at the cinemas, but only via Alliance Française de Perth as mentioned above.

PAYMENT: at the cinemas

Payment must be made either by cash at the cinema’s box office or by cheque made out to Luna Palace Cinemas according to your invoice/booking form.

Total amount of original booking is to be paid in full; there will be no discount for absent students on the day, or any refund.


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For any queries regarding the school screenings, please contact Valeriane Mathieu, Events Manager AF Perth, by e-mail at: or by phone on: 9386 7921.