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Learn and practise French in a friendly and intimate environment at the Alliance Française de Perth. Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced speaker, we have the appropriate class to match your level and your goals.

You are...

- New to Alliance with NO background in French :
Check our
complete beginners courses

- New to Alliance with some background in French :
Book a free level assessment appointment with one of our staff to find out what your level is and which class would be most appropriate for you : 9386 7921 or

- Returning student
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29 January - 14 April 23 April - 30 June 16 July - 22 September 8 October - 15 December
Summer holiday Autumn holiday Winter holiday Spring holiday
8 - 25 January 9-20 April 2-13 July 25 September - 5 October


What does a French class at Alliance Française look like?
At the Alliance, all our classes are serious and fun. Our students benefit from smaller groups (13 students max per class), making it easier to practice and giving everyone the opportunity to speak. All our teachers are native speakers and fully qualified. We use the latest teaching methods and technologies, including interactive whiteboards and iPads.

When are the classes?

We offer term courses, holiday courses and special one-off workshops.
Our term courses are 10 weeks long and classes are held once a week, usually in the morning or in the evening. Although we recommend to follow the whole duration of a course, it is possible to join a course during the term (except for complete beginners and other special courses).
Our holiday courses happen during the break in between each term. Classes are usually held everyday for a week or two.

Where are the classes?
Most of our classes are held in Nedlands. Our main office (reception, libray and most adult classes) is located on 75 Broadway. Some adult and most children classes are held at our other building just down the road (105 Broadway).

We also run French courses in City Beach at the International School of Western Australia and in Bull Creek at All Saints' College.

We can also arrange private tuitions at the location of you convenience.

What type of classes do you offer?

We offer a wide range of courses to match different levels and needs.

  • Our  General courses are ideal for people who wish to learn and improve their skills on the long term. Classes offer a complete programme that includes oral and written comprehension, speaking exercises and gramar.
  • If you plan to travel to a French speaking country and need the basics to survive, enrol in our   French For Traveller class.
  • For those who wish to focus on their speaking skills, we run  speaking workshops from elementary to advanced levels.
  • To practice and improve your French in a different way, try our different workshops, from  drama to  cooking. We have themed workshops to match all interests ! And we are open to new suggestions!

Do you provide teaching material?

Our general courses are based on textbooks that are available for sale at the Alliance.

We also have a wide range of learning tools in our library, available for free for our students.