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Complete Beginner courses

It is never too late to learn a new language !

If you have never studied French before you will feel at ease in our complete beginners courses. At the Alliance Française, our classes are interactive and practical, and all our teachers are fully qualified and native speakers. You will benefit from learning in immersion and in the French environment of the Alliance, unique in Perth.

Beginners general course : A1.1

The general course is the best option if you want to learn the language on a long-term basis and wish to obtain a certain level of proficiency.
It covers communication skills as well as grammar and phonetics.

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Our Complete Beginners Class is the first step into our general progression with the  Edito method, first stage of you journey into French and francophone culture.

Focusing on concrete situations and communication skills (i.e. introducing yourself, asking for directions, etc.), the course will cover the grammar and vocabular needed (numbers, alphabet, present tense of regular verbs, places, etc.). Listening, speaking, writing and reading will constitue the four pillars of a learning process designed to be efficient, stimulating and pleasant at the same time!

The French for Travellers class is based on concrete situations you experience when travelling. You will learn the basic sentences and vocabular to book a restaurant, purchase a train ticket, introduce yourself, do your grocery shopping at the local market…

Available Courses: 2

NEDLANDS - The Alliance Française de Perth

Most of our classes are held at our main location in Nedlands.
- Reception
- Library
- Adults & Children classes

Location : 75 Broadway and 105 Broadway in Nedlands.