Fundraising Campaign for a sculpture for the Alliance Française de Perth

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'Alliance Française de Perth Public Art landmark


Sculpture in the front of the Alliance Française de Perth

Through this exceptional artwork, the Alliance Française committee and management wish to create a landmark which symbolizes the Alliance Française’ goals to foster links and cultural understanding between Western Australia and France.

They have asked French-Australian artist Monia Allegre to design the artwork.

The artwork is a visual symbol which evokes friendship between Australia and France through the intertwining of our Marianne & the Grevillea.

The artwork reinforces the DNA of the Alliance Française by embodying not only the French language through the Marianne, but also French culture which are the two main aims of the Alliance Française.

Sculpture design

This landmark is an important symbol for the values of the non-for profit, and charity organization:

          -Worldwide presence:

The sculpture underlines the worldwide presence of this prestigious cultural and educational association  institution dated back from 1883.

         -Universality :

The world map represented by a winding red ribbon flowing harmoniously in the air currents of the planet, creates a sense of Unity, Universality in between the continents making them all One.

          -The representation of ‘mankind’ :

With more than 800 Alliances Françaises in the world in 137 countries, and with more than 550,000 students/year spread across the world, the representation of “mankind” was inevitable and obvious. The Alliance is a gathering of souls, all willing to exchange their knowledge in a rich melting pot, all unified through the francophone (French Speaking) communities.

The four elements of the sculpture: the Marianne, the Grevillea, the worldmap and the red ribbon.

The artist decided to represent the human aspect of the Alliance Française through the Marianne profile. She took her inspiration from the Marianne which is the national symbol of the French Republic, an allegory of liberty and reason and a portrayal of the Goddess of Liberty. (see below pictures)



The red ribbon world map is painted steel. The ribbon flows harmoniously and gently around the continent with curves and loops. The fluidity conveys a journey, a gathering flow, a current, a wind blowing, a guiding line.

Red is the colour of the Alliance Française .

The choice of the material is guided with a wish of being a contemporary sculpture, using traditional visual imagery. It is also a choice imposed by the outside condition, climate, wind UV and also the public realm that is restricted by safety and vandalism issues.

The artist chose stainless steel for its mirror finish. The mirror reflects the crowd, all the people coming in and the people just passing by the street or waiting for the bus.

This landmark sculpture celebrates the intimate relationship between French and Australian cultures.

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