Meet the author David Fauquemberg

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Meet the author David Fauquemberg

Open Day

27 June 11.30am

Born in 1973, David Fauquemberg lives in the Cotentin area of Normandy. A novelist, he has published work in magazines such as XXI, Géo and Long Cours. He is also a translator (of Nadine Gordimer, R. L. Stevenson, James Meek, Willy Vlautin). While studying literature he travelled intermittently to faraway places such as Patagonia and Lappland, and sailed across the Atlantic. He taught philosophy for a few months, before hitting the road again. He spent two years in Australia, the inspiration for his first novel, Nullarbor (Hoëbeke, 2007), winner of the Nicolas Bouvier Prize for travel writing. Mal tiempo (Fayard, 2009), which has a boxing theme and is set in Cuba, was awarded the Millepages Prize, the Prix des Hebdos en Région Prize and the City of Caen Prize. His most recent novel Manuel el Négro, published by Fayard in 2013, is the result of a long stay in the world of Andalucia’s flamenco gypsies.

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