Cafe Scientifique November 2021

$5.00 AUD
Approx $3.48 USD

Théodore Leschenault is best known to Western Australians as the botanist who came to Australia with the Baudin expedition of 1800-1804 and collected plants here – his work being commemorated in various local place-names and in the plant genus Lechenaultia. But who was he and how did the rest of his career unfold?

This talk will trace Leschenault’s life from his early years in Burgundy and his imprisonment during the French Revolution to his Australian voyage and subsequent collecting in South-East Asia, India and South America. It will look at Leschenault’s struggle to make a career for himself as a professional botanist and discuss his activities against their tumultuous historical backdrop.

This workshop is delivered in English and it is open to everyone.

WA Museum Boola Bardip

12  November - 10am

Please contact Reception if you have any questions.