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Your previous selection: A1 General courses with "Édito"

Alliance Française 's A1 general courses go through the 12 units of the
Édito A1 program.
The course pace will allow a deep understanding of the language in order to build a strong basis for thorough learning.

Check the detailed A1 program here

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A1 unité 4 Friday morning

Product Code: 2017 T2 A1.4 Fri 9h30 2017

Age Group Adults
Type Term classes
Session 2017 - Term 2
Pace 1 x 3h/week over 10 weeks
Duration 30 hours
Level A1 General courses with "Édito"

Alliance Française 's general courses go through the 12 units of the Édito program.
One unit is usually covered in approximately 10 hours.
Students should make sure they cover all 12 units of the A1 level before moving on to the A2 program.

Check the complete program here

unit 1 unit 2 unit 3 unit 4 unit 5 unit 6
"All about you" "Where are we going?" "What are we eating?" "Let's go shopping!" "What's the plan?" "Congratulations!"
unit 7 unit 8 unit 9 unit 10 unit 11 unit 12
"At home" "Happy holidays" "Unlucky" "Great job!" "Out and about" "Was it good?"

From Friday, 28 Apr 2017 to Friday, 30 Jun 2017
  • Friday - 9:30 to 12:30 - Room B (Émilie DUGUé )
Required Course Material
$55.00 AUD
EDITO A1 Textbook 2016

General Textbook for A1 level - 2016 Edition.
(covers levels A1.1 to A1.4 = approximately 120 hours of class)

$20.00 AUD
EDITO A1 Workbook 2016
Exercise book for the homework. Required for general courses using the Edito A1 method.
$499.00 AUD
Approx $373.00 USD
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