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Your previous selection: A1 Beginners

At the end of A1 level, you will be able to:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Understand and share personal information
  • Express likes and dislike
  • Talk about daily routines and leisure activities
  • Use Numbers, time, days of the week, etc.
  • Distinguish Present, Past and Future tenses
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SUMMER Intensive BEG 1 Part 2 - 9.30am - 18/01 (15 hrs)

Product Code: 2021 SUMMER BEG 1.2 - 9.30am - 18/01 2021

Age Group Adults
Type holiday courses
Session 2021 - Summer session
Level A1 Beginners
Schedules 18 Jan 2021 to 22 Jan 2021
  • Mon 🢒 Fri    9:30am 🢒 12:30pm at NEDLANDS - The AF Perth > AF Main office > Room A at NEDLANDS - The AF Perth > AF Main office > Library

This 5-day complete Beginner course is part 2 and the continuation of our Summer Intensive BEG 1 course.

  • It is designed for students who have completed 15 hours of BEG 1.1 and want to learn the language on a long-term basis and wish to obtain a certain level of proficiency.
  • It covers communication skills as well as grammar and phonetics.
  • You will benefit from learning in immersion at an accelerated pace. To reinforce your language skills and pursue your learning, it is recommended to join the SUMMER Intensive Revision BEG 1 class this summer and/or register for BEG 2 in Term 1, 2021.

Required Course Material
$30.00 AUD
Cosmopolite 1 Workbook
Exercise book for the homework. Required for general courses using the Cosmopolite 1 method.
$58.00 AUD
Cosmopolite 1 Textbook
Textbook for general A1 (beginner) courses

Recommended Course Material
$305.00 AUD
Approx $234.55 USD