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Rendez-vous au café - September

Un Film en Français - September

Concert I NU - lyrics in Gene Drehu, French and English

Following their instinct, I NU give their music many colours and tap into various genres of music like bossa- nova, jazz, soul, folk, blues, Cuban salsa, reggae, while also drawing inspiration from the impressive body of traditional Kanak choirs, storytelling, and rhythms from the Loyalty Islands of New Caledonia.
The subtle mix of the singers’ voices transcends their lyrics in Gene Drehu (one of the 28 vernacular Kanak languages), French and English. The intimate expressiveness of the songs, just like stories told in a hut, is supported by an unusual guitar or ukulele fingerpicking pattern.

Café scientifique - August

Our regular events 2022

Cooking Class

Hands-on cooking classes delivered by French chefs currently based in Perth. New menu every time.

Workshop delivered in French and English.

Next Cooking Class: 19 August 2022

Un Film en Français

Special screening of a film in French with English subtitles.

Practise your listening skills while watching a film.

Next Film: 15 August 2022 

Wine Tasting

Discover three of the best wines from one of the most prestigious wine regions in France! 

Workshop delivered in French.

Book Club

Join us every first Monday of the month and tell us all about the last book your read in French.

Choose a book, read it in French and come share it with us!

Next Book Club: 1 August 2022

Café Scientifique

Find out more about the work of some of the French researchers currently living and working in WA.

Lecture delivered in English.

Rendez-vous au Café

Join us for a casual conversation over a breakfast à la Française!

Rendez-vous à l'Alliance every last Friday of the month at 10am.

Next Rendez-vous: 26 August 2022

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