Multimedia Library

Enjoy our dynamic collection for every age, language level and interest!

Our library propose a wide range of about 7000 items such as DVD's, CD's, Books, magazines, comic books (both for adults and children) for French speakers and learners!

The library offers students the materials to enhance their French learning experience while studying at the AF Perth. Check out our French books section sorted by learning level (A1-A2-B1).

You have to be a Member if you wish to borrow from our library. We have new library items every month.

Our library opening hours

Monday - Thursday : 9am to 6pm
Friday : 9am to 4.30pm
Saturday : 9am to 12.30pm (closed during school holidays)

*Please be advised that library opening hours can change


Borrowing conditions

Family Membership

10 Books/Magazines every 3 weeks.
2 Dvds/CDs/Audio books every week.

School Membership

6 Books/Magazines every 3 weeks.
2 Dvds/CDs/Audio books every week.


Individual and Student Membership

4 Books/magazines every 3 weeks.
2 Dvds/CDs/Audio books every week

Library Services

Online Catalogue

The online catalogue is the centre of a growing national network that will share Alliance Française's resources throughout Australia.

How to become a member

All AF students have free access to our library. Otherwise a Membership card is necessary to borrow items.

Donation Policy

The library welcomes donations of books, DVDs and CDs in good condition. These donations may be added to the collection or sold.

Resources for French classes

The Alliance Francaise has selected some websites for you to improve your French.


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