Corporate French classes

A new skill for your business

We offer existing courses and tailor-made classes to suit your specific objectives, be that preparing individuals for overseas assignments, supporting teams partaking in international collaborations, activities for your members or clients, and team-building and cohesion strategies.

We connect through language. Better understand your international colleagues and overseas business partners, both in terms of communicating and the differences between countries and cultures.  Be better prepared for online video conferencing now and for future holidays and business trips. Even if you are not fluent, people appreciate the effort more than accuracy. A few words can go a long way.

Businesses that set up French classes for their employees are gaining not only a competitive edge in francophone markets, but also enhancing their business and travel experiences in French-speaking countries, improving their communication with clients and colleagues and fostering team building within the company!

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It is important that we all keep socially connected at this time.


Learning French provides an opportunity to connect while learning.

Professional Development

Develop skills that will assist the business 

Facts & Figures

320 million people speak French over the 5 continents in 77 countries.

In recent years, there has been an increase in French commercial ventures in Australia, creating thousands of employment opportunities for Australians.

French is the official language of 44 countries.

French is widely used in Canada, Europe and Africa. French is also an official language of all United Nations agencies and a large number of international organisations, making it a truly global language.

French is one of the languages of the future with an estimated 700 million speakers by 2050. No wonder so many local companies want to set up French classes for employees!

Past and Current Clients

Many large companies have already benefited from the teaching expertise of the Alliance Française de Perth in order to enhance their job and business prospect overseas.

Corporate courses for groups and individuals

Why opt for Alliance Française de Perth?

We work within your budget: our quotes offer comprehensive services, discounts and benefits for all employees taking part in a French course.

Instruction is tailored to meet your goals and scheduling. An analysis of your requirements and objectives is made before the start of every course.

Each corporate student receives an Alliance Française student card giving them access to Perth's largest French-language library, as well as cultural and other special events at discounted rates.

Cultural training is offered in addition to language instruction, helping you communicate even better.

For more information about our French language corporate courses and to discuss your organisation's needs, please contact our Education Manager by e-mail at

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