French Expressions

Do you know about these amusing French Expressions?

Tomber dans les pommes

Used to describe the act of losing consciousness or fainting.

Avoir le cafard 

Used to express feeling down, blue, or melancholic.
Similar to English expression 'to have the blues' or 'to feel low’.

La nuit porte conseil

Advising that it's often best to take time to reflect and reconsider a decision overnight before   making a final choice.

 Avoir un coup de foudre

Used to describe the electrifying feeling of falling in love at first sight.

Cri du coeur

Used as an appeal of protest or as a passionate and strongly felt request for help from someone in a serious situation.

Avoir un chat dans la gorge

Used to express the feeling of having a hoarse or scratchy throat.

Similar to the English expression 'to have a frog in one's throat’.

Se serrer la ceinture

Illustrates the act of tightening one's belt, symbolizing financial austerity.

Similar to the English expression 'to tighten one's belt' or 'to economize‘.

Filer à l’anglaise

Means slipping away or leaving without saying goodbye.

Similar to the English expression 'to take French leave' or 'to make a quiet exit.

Donner sa langue aux chats

Used when someone gives up on solving a riddle because they don't know the answer.

Similar to the English expression 'to throw in the towel'.

Mettre sa main au feu

Used to express absolute confidence or certainty in something.

Similar to the English expression 'to bet one's life on it'.

En faire tout un fromage

Conveys the idea of making a big deal out of something.

Similar to ‘to make a big fuss about it’.

Avoir la tête dans les nuages

Used to express the idea that someone is daydreaming or not paying attention to reality.

Jeter son dévolu

Used to express the act of choosing or selecting someone or something, often in the context of love or preference.

Décrocher la lune

Used to express the idea of reaching for the impossible or achieving something extraordinary.

Poser un lapin

Means to stand somebody up, typically in the context of a date or meeting, leaving the other person waiting and disappointed.

Avoir la main verte

Used to convey a person's talent for gardening or having a natural ability to make plants thrive.

Simple comme bonjour

Used to convey that something is as easy as saying 'bonjour' (hello).

Similar to the English expression 'as easy as pie' or 'a piece of cake'.

Faire l’andouille

Used to describe someone engaging in silly or clownish behavior, often to bring laughter or amusement to others.

C'est le pompon sur la Garonne

Indicating that something has reached the height of absurdity, extravagance, or the unexpected.

Similar to saying 'It's the cherry on the cake’. 

Une pipelette

Affectionately refers to a person who loves to chat and share stories.

Akin to the English term 'a chatterbox' or 'a social butterfly‘.