Polar Pod Expedition by Jean-Louis Etienne

Polar Pod, a manned oceanographic platform, will flip onto its side and drift around Antarctica to research the Southern Ocean. French explorer and environmentalist Jean-Louis Etienne has spent the last 10 years designing this scientific vessel capable of braving the terrifying waves and winds found there.

Jean Louis Etienne is a French doctor, explorer and environmentalist and he was the first man to reach the North Pole alone, in 1986.


In the Southern Hemisphere, the Southern Ocean is not partitioned by continents; it’s an open ocean that circulates around Antarctica. Driven by the westerlies, the Antarctic Circumpolar Current (CCA) brings together the three oceans, the Indian, the Pacific and the Atlantic.

This huge ocean is still unknown, oceanographic campaigns are rare. A major player in the climate and marine biodiversity reserve, the international scientific community is unanimous: we need in situ measurements.

To explore this ocean of storm, which sailors call the « furious fifties », the naval engineering office SHIP ST of Lorient designed the POLAR POD.

Jean Louis Etienne will join us via Zoom directly from France to give us more details about this upcoming expedition. The conference is organised with the support of the AFRAN (Australian-French Association for Research and Innovation), it is free and it will be delivered in English.

The conference can be followed face-to-face at the State Library of WA or via Zoom. A link will be sent to all participants via email before the conference.

State Library of WA - Great Southern Room

16 August 2021 - 5.40 pm

Please contact Reception if you have any questions.

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