Movie Session Classe adulte

King of My Castle

Le Larbin

What do you do when your obnoxious playboy son is so out of control that his over-the-top partying threatens to ruin your luxury hotel empire? Obviously, you endeavour to teach him some humility. So you hire a borderline-lunatic film director to construct an authentic 18th century village, fill it with actors and surveillance cameras, and then have your son drugged, kidnapped and dumped in the village, so he believes he has time-travelled and his life is now that of a peasant.

This new film by the writers of the huge French box office hit comedy Welcome to the Sticks is the outrageous mashup of The Truman ShowBarry Lyndon and Apocalypse Now that you never realised you needed. Silly, rude and even a little bit charming, King of My Castle is a wonderfully funny and inventive film about a preposterous plan where everything goes wrong, but characters still manage to learn lessons along the way.

Get ready for a one-of-a-kind cinematic adventure that promises to leave you in stitches and questioning just how far one should take the idea of learning a valuable lesson...

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