Cafe Scientifique July 2024

The mysteries of smells

Odours surround us in our daily lives—they are ever-present, sometimes pleasant, sometimes annoying. They can evoke memories, bring comfort, or cause distress. In this presentation, we won’t be discussing the fruity notes of a perfume or a wine, but rather the natural and anthropogenic odours we encounter daily.

Did you know that odours can be measured not only qualitatively but also quantitatively, reducing the subjective side of odours? For a few people around the world, this is their profession.

Philippe will explain his work. He will discuss how one can become an odour panellist, how we process odours at both physiological and psychological levels, and more. Philippe is confident that after his presentation, everyone “nose” more about the mysteries of smells.

Where? Boola Bardip Museum
When? Saturday 27 July, 10 am
Price? $10 AF members / $15 Non-members

Philippe is an odour consultant. His international experience spans twenty years from managing an olfactometry laboratory in Paris, leading the French Standardisation Committee for Dynamic Olfactometry, representing France at the European Standardisation Committee (CEN) and being one of the main advisors for the Minister of Environment in France for odour policies.

In 2008, Philippe opted for a new life in Australia with his family and took a position as Senior Air Quality Engineer and Odour Expert at the Western Australian Department of Water and Environmental Regulation. He has provided in depth technical expert advice and managed departmental investigations, including into a number of community and politically sensitive odour and air quality sites and projects. Philippe co-authored the DWER Guideline: Odour Emissions published in June 2019.

After 12 years at the Department, Philippe started OPAM Consulting in December 2019.

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