Cafe Scientifique April 2022

$15.00 AUD
Approx $9.74 USD

We open our 2022 series with a session discussing the first women traveling in the Pacific and contributing to the development of anthropological sciences in the region, alongside more well-known men.

Willowdean Handy took part of the Dominick Bayard Expedition in 1920 as a “volunteer”. In the Marquesas, she conducted research on tattoos and string figures and published several articles and books that are seen as priceless records of these fragile traditions.

Kathleen Haddon travelled in New Guinea in 1914 as the photograph assistant of her father, the anthropologist Alfred Cort Haddon. She learnt string figures from her informants and detailed her knowledge in several books. She is today considered as a foremost expert in the study of string figures.

The lecture will be given by Quitterie Puel, PHD UWA, School of Social SciencesDiscipline of Archaeology

Coffee and cake included in the ticket price

This conference is organised in collaboration with AFRAN and WA Museum Boola Bardip at the Woodside Learning Studios of the WA Museum Boola Bardip.