Book presentation: "The Australia of the French explorer"

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TUESDAY 15 December 2015, 6pm

The Alliance Francaise de Perth is glad to welcome the Australian historian Noelene Bloomfield for the presentation of the book "The Australia of the French explorers" which had been co-written by the French photographer Frédéric Mouchet and herself. The book highlights one of the most beautiful part of the relationship between France and Australia, linking the look of the illustrators who were part of the French expeditions on the Australian coasts  200 years ago and the one of the contemporary photographer Frédéric on these same coasts. As a result, the book presents some amazing images of Shark Bay, kangaroo Island, Freycinet National Park as well as Sydney Bay.

The historian's short, smart and bilingual comments put stress on an extraordinary adventure lived by the French sailers. They were driven by a scientific and curious mind, as much through the Aboriginal populations as through the British ones (who were France's ennemies though). So that, the book is built thanks to wonderful images, with an historic point of view, but very easy to understand.

The talk will be in English.