Dinner Concert with Clotilde Rullaud

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Dinner-Concert with Clotilde Rullaud

End the day on a high note, and enjoy a Dinner concert. Savour a fine dinner and relish a performance from the beautiful and talented Clotilde Rullaud, a French Jazz  singer.
Ticket prices include a 3 course dinner including a glass of sparkling upon arrival and a glass of wine.

$80 for AF members & students / $85 for non members

Booking at Novotel on 9425 1779 or by email at h1764-sb3@accor.com

Discover the singer Clotilde Rullaud !

Clotilde is a French singer, improviser, song-writer, performer, flutist, and educator. She entered the Conservatoire aged five and studied music for fifteen years, focusing on flute and singing.

Her artistic approach stands at the crossroad of various musical influences. She blends together Latin, African, pop sounds and jazz improvisation, attesting to the wonderful melting pot that is jazz.

Poetry and the inner music of words also hold a key place in her artistic world. Clotilde aims above all to challenge what can be done with song and with the voice in order to reach her full expression, escaping from standard configurations to express her love for freedom.

The most striking thing when you first listen to Clotilde is the rich, deep timbre of her mezzo voice, “She has a gripping voice, with a certain wonderful gravity, putting us in mind of Nina Simone.” Jean-Marc Gelin, Jazzman (FR).
Next, you realize the fascinating, stupefying, singular fluidity of her voice, and the agility with which she transforms it according to her inspiration. She turns her voice into an adaptable instrument to communicate what she wishes to convey.
“She has such great control of the voice and her material that she holds you, fascinated, in the palm of her hand (or, more accurately, vocal cords). […] Clotilde is an extraordinary talent.” Lynn-René Bayley, Fanfare Magazine (USA)

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