Lovers like us - Le Sauvage

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Thursday 13 August, 7pm
The Blacklot  Perth

Nibbles and one drink on arrival.

Lovers like us by Jean-Paul Rappeneau

In Caracas, Nelly is engaged of Vittorio. However, after the engagement party with his family, she calls off the commitment and flees from him lodging in a hotel.
Vittorio pursues her but the middle-aged French guest Martin helps Nelly. She seeks out her former employer Alex Fox, who owns a night-club and owes one-year salary to her, but he does not help her.
Nelly steals a valuable painting from his office and heads back to the hotel, hiding in Martin's room. He gets a ticket to Paris for her and leaves her at the airport.
Then he sails on his boat to an island where he lives alone.
When Martin arrives, he finds Nelly waiting for him in his house. She explains that customs did not allow her to leave Venezuela with the painting.
Soon his peaceful life of hermit becomes Hell on Earth, but they fall in love with each other.
However Vittorio and Alex are still chasing her.

With English subtitles.

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