"Terra Australis" : when Bonaparte and the English explore the coast of Australia

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Saturday 28 November, 3pm

Join us for Terra Australis, a conference in English with Alizée Chasse and Patrick Llewellyn, co-writers of Terra Australis book along with the French navigator Loïck Peyron.

Terra Australis relates the extraordinary double expedition both naval and scientific led by the French Nicolas Baudin and the English Matthew Flinders to Australia between 1801 and 1804, and the scientific struggle that followed until 1815. Curiously the two expeditions have never been treated nor related at the same time but only separately, except in the book Encountering Terra Australis by Jean Fornasiero and John West-Sooby (Adelaïde).

The conference is a part of the global Terra Australis project that includes a historical novel, a TV documentary, a history book, a book of arts. The conference is also complementary to the exhibition that will take place in Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, Canberra, Launceston and Hobart form July 2016 and during two years before coming back to France.

About the authors...

The French navigator Loïck Peyron, who is known for his numerous sailing achievements, is also passionate about historical navigation. He is the sailing expert of the Terra Australis team. Unfortunately, Loïck will not be joining us on 17 November.
Alizée Chasse, an anthropologist, details Baudin anthropological expedition to Australia which was the first of its kind. Alizée is the expert on the history of science within the trio.
Patrick Llewellyn, passionate by History, initiated the project Terra Australis and is in charge of its historic part.

The lecture will be conducted by Alizée Chasse et Patrick Llewellyn and will be in English.